Industrial service provider

Hoondert has many years of experience servicing industrial clients. Because of the complex environments in which the projects usually take place, we have become thoroughly familiar with these activities and perform them to very strict safety requirements. Spills and calamities that may occur during the process are cleaned and processed in such a way that they can be returned to and included in the process. We are completely in our element doing jobs according to the highest quality and environmental standards. The projects we are involved in are mainly of the civil-engineering type.

Civil engineering jobs
Hoondert is a specialist in the area of civil-engineering jobs, both above and below ground level. We have extensive experience with sewerage, surfacing, demolition and maintenance jobs. Under this heading, we also include cleaning jobs in the broadest sense of the word. We will clear away everyday dirt, such as litter, as well as oil spills. Whether calamities or regular jobs are concerned, we will be happy to do the job for you.

Breaking and screening
When residual materials leave a production process, they are not always suitable for immediate removal. Hoondert’s breaking and screening installations will break up and/or screen material into the required grade. In addition, this equipment can also be used at the input of a production process.

Removal of residual material
Processing and discharging of residual materials are other important parts of our service package. A major part of these residual materials, including gypsum, fly ash and ground ash, will eventually be removed by inland barge. Using our mobile dump bunker, we will ensure safe and efficient storage of these very dusty materials without burdening the environment in any way. These activities will normally take place at our water-front environmental terminal.

Lifting and hoisting work
Thanks to our wide range of cranes and gantries, we can perform virtually any lifting or hoisting job. We have at our disposal various extending cranes with a range of hoisting capacities, as well as draglines. We also have a range of cherry pickers.