Road-surface cleaning and dust control

Rental of suction road-cleaning machines
If you have ever travelled the roads of Zeeland, you are bound to have come across Hoondert’s road-cleaning machines. And the departments of public works and the construction industry are not our only customers. On a daily basis, we are called in to clean industrial sites and warehouses.

Speedy and manoeuvrable
Our compact vehicles are speedy and manoeuvrable, and that is why they are eminently suitable for industrial sites with locations that are difficult to reach. In addition, these machines are ideal for roads and cycle paths.
Road-construction engineers increasingly make use of open graded asphalt concrete (OGAC). This type of asphalt requires a special cleaning technique. Our suction road-cleaning machines with high-pressure cleaning facility are provided with a suction bar with rotating high-pressure jets. As a result, the pores in the asphalt are thoroughly cleaned, while the water is removed from the surface in an optimum fashion.
In addition, we have machines that are equipped with a split bar. These suction road-cleaning machines are also used to efficiently suck surplus chippings off asphalted roads.
Another of Hoondert’s cleaning specialities is the cleaning of oil traces. Using an environment-friendly oil solvent, we will make sure that the road can be used again in hardly any time at all.

Sludge gulpers
Other activities under the heading of suction road-cleaning machines include the emptying of cesspits and septic tanks and the scouring of culverts and drainpipes. For this purpose, we use sludge gulpers.

Dust control
On our environmental terminal as well as on the other locations, we use dust-control machines to minimise environmental damage caused by the handling of dusty materials.