Transport & handling

As required, Hoondert will transport as well as tranship your materials. We have various transport vehicles, including (extending) flatbed trailers, tipping lorries, crane lorries, and vans. And if you need to transport goods across water, we have a range of pontoons at our disposal to serve you. To load and unload materials, we make use of various types of machines and extending cranes to handle these materials.

Vertical transport
Hoondert will help you transport virtually any material. Our fleet is very extensive and includes various types of tipping lorries, 6×6, 8×8 or 10×8, with a fixed bin or using removable containers, tipping trailers, crane lorries, flatbed trailers, and vans, with its own trailer if required, and a hazardous substances vehicle (ADR). For transport across small distances or rough terrain, we present the articulated hauler.

Special accessories
Lifting and hoisting work has special needs. That is why we have kubels, pallet hooks, platform clamps, stone clamps, and a variety of work bins, including the so-called flyer. This elongated bin is constructed in such a way that work can be done relatively easily in places that are difficult to reach. For instance underneath high viaducts or inside high industrial constructions.

Quality and safety
The sector vertical transport is faced with strict requirements. This responsible work demands high-quality equipment and skilled operators. In case of complex hoisting works, the working methods agreed upon and the specific safety measures are laid down in a special hoisting plan.
To guarantee that you are provided with the very best quality and the highest level of safety, we are ISO-9001 and VCA** certified.

schroot inladen

Stevedoring work
Hoondert’s service package also includes the loading and unloading of packaged goods and sea containers. An extending crane, or, if necessary, a combination of extending cranes, will place the goods on the shore. If required, we can also look after your further transport needs to the hinterland.

Environmental terminal in Vlissingen-East
At our Environmental Terminal, in the Vlissingen-Oost port area, transshipment, short-term and medium-term storage and handling of materials that, due to their nature, require a liquid-tight floor (2.5 ha) and a separate sewerage system, is possible. Due to its location on an important sea and inland shipping port with its own quay and good connection to the road network, you can choose between transport by water or transport by axle.

Our terminal’s features include:

  • Liquid-proof flooring covering over 25 thousand square metres, suitable for heavy equipment
  • A closed sewerage system with a buffer tank of one thousand cubic metres
  • A stationary and a mobile spraying system to control dust
  • A quay measuring 180 metres, bordering a sea port with a draught of 7.5 metres at Low Low Water Spring. There are no bridges or other obstructions between our quay and the open sea
  • The quay is suitable for heavy loads and load in / load out of heavy objects
  • The quay is suitable for ocean-going vessels, coasters and inland barges
  • Weighbridge (70 tons)
  • Fully screened off with secure fending and concrete elements measuring 2.5 metres in height and two sliding gates measuring 18 metres and barriers to the access road.
  • The fencing meets ISPS guidelines
  • Compliant with occupational health and safety guidelines
  • Available hoisting capacity: 200-ton and 500-ton crawler cranes

Our environmental permit includes a wide variety of substances and activities. The following categories are included:

  • Clean and contaminated soil
  • Construction materials (including sand, mixed granulate, recycling materials)
  • Waste materials (including A, B and C grades of wood, construction and demolition waste, certified rubble)
  • Raw materials and bulk (such as fly ash and gypsum)
  • Biomass (such as oils, fats, wood)

Other examples of storage and transhipment activities include:

  • Ships’ waste, cargo residues and damaged lots
  • Container storage and transhipment
  • Constructions and maritime material

Even board-to-board transhipment is possible, whereby we can use a floating crane. In addition, we will take every technical and/or organisational precaution necessary to prevent discharge of substances into the surface water. If necessary, we can carry out virtually any processing action needed, including breaking, screening, sorting, etc.
We always keep a close eye on new developments. If you are looking for a solution to an application not mentioned on this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, we will certainly come up with a solution.

Katshaven, in Kats
Close to the ports of Vlissingen-Oost and Antwerp, Katshaven BV offers you opportunities for storage, transhipment and the hoisting of very heavy objects.
The site covers an area of 70 thousand square metres, 30 thousand of which is reserved for two heavy gantries with a hoisting capacity of 750 tons each. The site is eminently suitable for the storage and/or production of large objects. The gantries can lift loads up to a height exceeding 80 metres above the water surface.

Lifting and hoisting facilities
Two 750-ton gantries
Width reach: 60 m
Height reach: 18 m (land)
Distance reach: 450 m (land)
Distance reach: 80 m (water)

Four 8-ton gantries
Width reach: 30 m
Height reach: 10 m (land)
Hoists 1 x crab, hoisting capacity: 8 ton

Length of quay: 100 m
Draught: 7 m (NAP, Normal Amsterdam Level)