Soil decontamination

One of Hoondert’s specialities is soil decontamination. Over the years, we have turned many contaminated areas into clean and ready-prepared building sites. In many cases, these concerned multiple forms of heavy contamination, sometimes in combination with demolition work.

Our fleet of machinery includes machines with pressurised cabins and weighing systems and lorries with covered bins. And last but not least, we also operate our own decontamination unit (clean/dirty unit).

Some old houses and companies still have a fuel tank either underground or aboveground. Such tanks are usually out of use and have, in most cases, been drained. However, even a drained tank may contain a small quantity of oil or other type of fuel. And if such a tank starts leaking, this residue may cause substantial environmental damage.

That is why it is mandatory to remove underground tanks that are no longer in use. Hoondert is certified, and has the knowledge and experience, to clean, remove and dispose of any tank according to the appropriate guidelines. In most cases, tank clearing can be carried out within one day; the hole will be filled with clean soil and you will receive a KIWA tank-clearing certificate.