CO2 Performance Ladder

Hoondert is constantly looking for new opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions as a result of its own operations and projects. Sustainability is of great importance to us and our clients. Using the CO2 performance ladder, for example, we give substance to these ambitions. Hoondert strives to renew the machine park with more economical cars, which at least comply with the Euro-5 standard. In addition, drivers follow the training “the new driving” and drivers “the new running” and are frequently checked for tire pressure and maintenance. To optimize transport movements, all Hoondert machines are equipped with a GPS system. With this system, the schedule limits the percentage of “empty” journeys. All machines are also equipped with a system that records fuel consumption.

Within the company, all energy flows are transparent and recorded in the CO2 footprint. For the most part, the emissions are caused by the fuel consumption of transport equipment and other machines. In the first instance, the measures are therefore aimed at the large-scale users, since this yields the most reduction. Important trends in energy consumption and CO2 emissions are communicated both internally and externally.

For the exchange of knowledge is connected to the Sector Initiative “Steering on CO2” from our industry association Cumela. The starting point is the provision and exchange of experiences and information on relevant subjects concerning CO2 reduction.

Through the investment in knowledge, automation, equipment and personnel, we expect to be able to further expand our position in the coming years and to continue to operate as a solid, reliable partner for our customers.


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