Demolition work

Demolition is no longer a matter of brute force and lots of noise. Today, demolition work is about efficiency and the separation of waste materials in order to save money and spare the environment.

Hoondert has the means and the ability to responsibly demolish constructions or parts thereof and remove these in a suitable manner. We have the cranes with concrete shears to cut through concrete and steel. Noise, nuisance and vibrations are reduced to a minimum. And demolition waste is correctly removed. Wherever possible, rubble is sorted, broken and screened to obtain mixed granulate on-site.
Naturally, we have all the necessary certificates and comply with all safety standards required.

Our demolition experience started in an industrial environment. We regularly carry out specialist projects in a complex environment. In addition, we have, over the past years, been able to apply our know-how to large-scale demolition projects for housing corporations.

We have the necessary knowledge and permits to demolish a building or construction using explosives. One of our specialisations in this area is to use explosives under water. It is of the utmost importance to determine upon the right demolition technique and we will be happy to advise you.

Stripping of ships and maritime objects
Our demolition activities also concern vessels, shipwrecks and offshore constructions. To carry out this work we use heavy equipment such as a hydraulic scrap cutter and a 500-ton crawler crane. These activities are carried out according to the latest safety and environmental insights, providing clients with the assurance that their project is in good hands.